At A.C. Addison & Sons, we are able to supply you with a wide range of tombstones in Melbourne, from full and double monuments to headstones and bronze plaques. We experienced and qualified masons are able to hand carve our gravestones out of a variety of Australian and imported granites and marbles.

To truly embody the memory of your loved one, we are also able to custom design a tombstone to your specifications. We have worked with a range of custom shapes, including animals and even football jerseys, and are more than happy to discuss with you the possibilities of creating one for your loved one.

We at A.C. Addison & Sons are a family owned and operated monumental mason, lending us the experience and qualifications needed to create some truly stunning gravestones. We understand that having somewhere to visit and remember your loved ones is important, which is why we only work with the best quality stones and designs.

Areas We Service

Addison Memorials are able to provide tombstones for many cemeteries around Victoria and the Sunshine Coast, including: Peninsula, Cheltenham, Bunurong, Echuca, Frankston, Springvale, Port, Coast, Shepparton and Crib Point.