AC Addison & Sons Monumental Masons Can Provide Shepparton Residents With Beautiful Headstones, Gravestones & Memorial Stones

Because Shepparton is in such a rural area, it can often be difficult to source the services of a monumental mason when a loved one has just passed, especially if it’s at short notice. AC Addison & Sons, however, is more than happy to work with families from all over the state, no matter how rural they may be. We are the creators of beautiful and high quality headstones, gravestones and memorial stones to help you remember loved ones by.

Our most common product is, by far, our headstones, which can be crafted out of imported and Australian marble or granite and used in conjunction with an engraved bronze plaque. Headstones are placed at the top of the burial plot to mark the general Shepparton location and can stand upright or be laid down flat, depending on your own personal tastes. We can also include images on our plaques for that added personal touch.

We can also create memorial stones that fully encompass the burial plot if you would like to provide the Shepparton location with the utmost protection. These can also be crafted out of imported and Australian granite or marble and can be designed to cover a single plot or two that are side by side. We can also include a number of accessories with our memorials, including photographs, candillys and crucifixes to truly personalize them.

Our gravestones can be fully customized to suit the personality of your recently deceased loved one, allowing you to remember them as they were for many years to come. We have been approached with many requests over the years, from a cat for a woman who held a soft spot for these furry felines to a football jersey for a man who used to play. We are also able to add carved statues to our gravestones in Shepparton as a final touch.

When it comes to choosing a memorial stone, gravestone or headstone for a recently deceased loved one, we hope that you will choose the experienced monumental masons at AC Addison & Sons. We are happy to work with families in the Shepparton area and will even come to your home if this is the easiest solution for you. We understand that you are going through a very trying time and are here to offer you all the support we can.