Choose AC Addison & Sons Monumental Masons For High Quality Tombstones, Grave Headstones And Memorial Stones In Echuca

At AC Addison & Sons, we understand that living in the more remote areas of our great country can often make it difficult to source many of the items that you require for a funeral. This is why our team of experienced monumental masons offers their services to families as far out as Echuca and beyond. We understand that a beautiful tombstone, grave headstone or memorial stone is an important part of remembering your loved one.

We understand that choosing a grave headstone for your loved one can be quite an emotional process, which is why we endeavour to walk you through every step and to provide you with the support you need. We are also more than happy to visit you at your Echuca home instead of our showroom, ensuring that you are in a comfortable and familiar space when making this decision. At the end of the day, we want to help you as much as possible.

Our memorial stones are crafted using Australian and imported granite or marble in a variety of colours, from blacks and greys to creams and reds, so that you can achieve a custom appearance. We are also able to include a number of accessories in the creation of our tombstones (including photographs, condillys and crucifixes); we only recommend that you speak with the Echuca cemetery first to ensure it is within their guidelines.

We are a fourth generation company of qualified monumental masons who have been offering their services to families across the eastern side of Australia since 1921. The skills that we utilize in the daily carving of tombstones for our clients have been passed down from father to son since then, so Echuca residents can rest assured that they are getting the real deal. We are also committed to a continuation of this tradition for many more generations.

At AC Addison & Sons, we understand that losing a loved one makes for a very emotional and trying time. This is why we aim to provide our Echuca clients with a tombstone, grave headstone or memorial stone that is a true commemoration of their memory and that gives them a place to reflect. Our team of experienced and qualified monumental masons is more than prepared to handle whatever requests you may have, small or large.