Choose The Monumental Masons At AC Addison & Sons For Tombstones And Headstones In Western Port

By January 2, 2015Addison Blog

Has an important person in your life passed away recently? Have you found the perfect cemetery out in the Western Port area? Are you worried that you won’t be able to find a monumental mason who will be able to provide you with a tombstone in this area? AC Addison & Sons are a family owned business that have been supplying headstones to the general public since 1921 and we are more than happy to help you out.

Our tombstones are designed to embody the personality of your loved one, so that you get a sense of their presence when you visit their burial plot. If you want to offer the entire location protection against the elements (which can be quite damaging) we are happy to supply you with a full tombstone that covers the whole plot or a double one that covers two that are side by side. We can even custom make these stones according to your preference.

Our headstones are designed to sit at the top of the burial plot and simply mark the general location. We have a variety of sizes available, from small to large, but recommend that you speak with your Western Port cemetery before making a decision to ensure that it fits within their guidelines. We are also able to provide our clients with engraved bronze plaques that can be used in conjunction with a headstone or by themselves.

The job of a monumental mason is often quite a difficult one. Not only are they expected to undertake the rather physical work associated with carving marble and granite to size, they must also spend a lot of time with individuals and families who are the grieving the loss of a loved one. The staff at AC Addison & Sons is more than equipped to handle both of these tasks in the most respectful and sympathetic way possible.

If you are in search of monumental masons that are able to work with cemeteries in the Western Port area, look no further than those employed at family owned business AC Addison & Sons. We are more than happy to provide you with a wide range of headstones and tombstones that are true commemorations to the life and memory of your loved one. Please contact us for more information about each of our services.