Do You Need Grave Headstones, Memorials Or Tombstones In The Springvale Area? Contact AC Addison & Sons

By April 16, 2013Addison Blog

AC Addison & Sons is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation since 1921, providing us with the expertise and skills needed to create truly stunning grave headstones for the general public. We are committed to providing unique memorials and tombstones that embody the life and memory of your loved one. Our services extend to cemeteries around Springvale and beyond for your convenience.

Our memorials are available in a wide range of sizes, from full and even double, to ensure that they meet your needs. We understand that weathering and vandalism can have a very detrimental effect on your loved one’s final resting place, which is why our extensive range of memorials are designed to offer the Springvale site as much protection as possible. We also work with Australian and imported granites and marbles in a range of colours.

Our grave headstones are always created according to Springvale standards and are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large. Our clients are also given the choice of a number of Australian and imported granites and marbles that we order in a variety of colours. Each of our headstones comes with its own vase, unless you have made other arrangements, and can be fully customised with pictures and other accessories.

If you have an existing tombstone for a loved one that hasn’t been properly cared for over the years, you may have noticed that weathering and even vandalism have taken their toll. We are able to visit the Springvale cemetery where the tombstone is and undertake extensive restorations to return the burial plot to its former level of beauty. Because we complete all restorations on site, the plot will be disturbed as little as possible.

Please contact the high experienced masons at AC Addison & Sons if you are seeking a grave headstone or memorial in the Springvale area. We are also able to provide you with more information regarding the cemeteries that we service, as there are a number of them throughout Australia. We also hope that you will contact us should your tombstone ever require a restoration or re-lettering of any kind, as we would be more than happy to help.