Do You Need Headstones, Gravestones Or Memorial Stones In Springvale? Choose AC Addison & Sons Monumental Masons

By April 30, 2013Addison Blog

We are a fourth generation monumental mason that has been in operation since 1921, providing us with the knowledge and skills needed to craft natural stone into beautiful tributes to the memories of your loved ones. If you require a memorial stone, headstone or gravestone for a cemetery in the Springvale area, the team at AC Addison & Sons is more than happy to help. We have worked with custom designed solutions for a number of clients already.

When you want to offer your loved one’s burial plot with optimal protection, we recommend either our full or double memorial stones. A standard full stone will be placed over a single plot, fully encompassing it and shielding it from the elements. A double stone will be placed over two plots that are side by side to provide much the same effect. This is a common practice amongst cemeteries in the Springvale area, and we are happy to help.

When you are not too worried about the condition of the burial plot and you only want to add a marker to the site, we recommend our headstones. These will be mounted on a matching base and placed at the top of the plot, either lying flat or in an upright position. Our headstones also include vases, allowing you to place floral arrangements of all sizes on the Springvale plot, and we can include a number of accessories for an added personal touch.

When you know that your loved one would not want one of these large markers crafted in their memory, we also offer bronze plaques that can easily be used in place of gravestones. These plaques can be engraved with all of the information that you would like to include and we are also able to include a photograph or image that meant something to your loved one. Some Springvale cemeteries contain areas that can only include plaques, no gravestones.

AC Addison & Sons are committed to providing clients in the Springvale area and beyond with the headstones, gravestones and memorial stones that they desire to commemorate the memory of their loved one. Please contact us to place an order, to speak with one of our monumental masons about the possibility of a custom design or to find out whether we service a cemetery in your area. We know that we will be able to help.