Do You Need Tombstones, Grave Headstones Or Memorial Stones On The Mornington Peninsula? AC Addison & Sons Are The Best Monumental Masons

The Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful place to lay your loved one to rest – many of the cemeteries in the area overlook the coast and give off a peaceful and content vibe. The monumental masons at AC Addison & Sons have been crafting tombstones, grave headstones and memorial stones for this area for many years now and are more than equipped to help you out with your own needs. Please read on for more information.

We are able to create a variety of tombstones that fully encompass your loved one’s final resting place. Our full range is designed to cover the burial plot, from top to bottom, of an individual whilst our double range can be used to forever join the plots of two people who have been buried side by side. Our tombstones are crafted out of Australian and imported granite and marble in a variety of colours and textures for your own tastes.

We are also able to create a variety of grave headstones and plaques that are designed to sit at the head of a Mornington Peninsula burial plot. They can be crafted in a number of sizes, although monumental masons recommend that you contact your cemetery first to familiarize yourself with any guidelines that you have to meet. Our headstones can be created using Australian and imported granites and marbles in many colours.

We are also able to craft a custom memorial stone that fully embraces the life and personality of your loved one. The Australian and imported granites or marbles that we use can be carved into a number of shapes with relative ease; in the past we have been asked to create a cat for an animal lover, a football jersey for an avid sports lover and a book for a lover of literature. Please contact us to find out whether the shape you have in mind is possible.

Finding a quality monumental mason who services the many cemeteries on the Mornington Peninsula can be quite a difficult task, but with AC Addison & Sons on your side it is sure to be as simple as ever. We are happy to discuss with you your tombstone, grave headstone or memorial stone options, whether you would like to go with one of our standard designs or whether you are interested in something more custom. Please call us to find out more.