Live In Crib Point? Choose AC Addison & Sons For Memorial Stones, Gravestones, Tombstones & Grave Headstones

Whilst the Crib Point area is a beautiful place to live and raise a family, it can be quite difficult to source a grave headstone delivery when a loved one has passed away. AC Addison & Sons, however, is more than happy to bring our range of memorial stones, gravestones and tombstones to you, ensuring that your loved one receives the tribute that you want. We are one of the only masons in the country that offers home appointments.

Our memorial stones are available in two very distinct types – full are designed to fully encompass the burial plot of a single loved one, whilst double are designed to enclose the plots of two people who have been buried next to each other. We find that many people opt for these options when they want to ensure that their loved one’s final resting place is protected from the harmful effects of weathering, such as extreme sunlight and rainfall.

Our grave headstones, on the other hand, are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large, although it is recommended that you find out what sizes your Crib Point cemetery prefers you to use. If your loved one was not an overly showy person, you might instead like to opt for a bronze plaque that has been engraved with your chosen inscription. We can even combine natural stone and bronze plaques for a more customized gravestone.

We understand that time, weathering and vandalism can have very detrimental effects on our loved one’s tombstones, which is why we also offer our clients a restoration service. We make sure that all work is completed onsite so that the cemetery can be disturbed as minimally as possible. We are also able to re-guild or even add to the inscription on a gravestone, as the lettering is known to fade over time and even become unreadable.

AC Addison & Sons is able to provide the residents of Crib Point with a range of grave headstones and tombstones that enable them to preserve the memory of their loved ones for as long as possible. Because we understand that you are going through quite a trying time, our team is able to bring samples and images of our memorial stones, gravestones and tombstones to your home; please contact us to arrange an appointment.