Monumental Masons, AC Addison & Sons, Are The Proud Suppliers Of Memorial Stones & Grave Headstones In Frankston

By April 15, 2013Addison Blog

AC Addison & Sons are a family owned business of monumental masons who have many years experience working with natural stones and crafting beautiful tributes to those who have passed. The team is also highly experienced in the restoration of existing memorial stones that may have succumbed to the weather or even vandalism. If you are seeking a custom grave headstone for a loved one in Frankston, you have come to the right place.

We are a monumental masons business that has been in operation since 1921 when Arthur Charles Addison crafted his first tribute. Since then, we have been consistently involved in the creation of high quality and meaningful tombstones across Frankston and the country and have been helping families deal with their grief a long the way. We are now in our fourth generation of masons and look forward to carrying on this tradition for many years to come.

We are able to supply our Frankston clients with a wide range of beautiful and custom memorial stones that honour their loved ones, from full and double to simple headstones and plaques. Our full and double memorials are designed to encompass the burial plot fully, offering it the very best in protection against the elements. Our headstones and plaques are designed to sit at the top of the plot and simply act as a marker of the general site.

We are also able to restore Frankston grave headstones that have not fared too well over the years or that have been subjected to vandalism. On top of cleaning up the location, we are also able to replace elements that have been damaged beyond repair. As well as re-guilding lettering that has faded, we are also able to add an inscription to the stone. We complete all work onsite because we want to disturb the location as little as possible.

When you are in need of a memorial stone that honours the life and memory of your loved ones, we would hope that you would contact the monumental masons at AC Addison & Sons. Our many years of experience have led us to become a trusted business that is well known throughout the Frankston area. Contact us for more information about each of the grave headstones that we supply or to learn more about our restoration service.