Understanding The Job Of A Monumental Mason

By February 22, 2013Addison Blog

Did you know that the profession of stone masonry is one that has been around for centuries? Whilst the exact date of its inception is unknown, historians have linked the practice back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians and the careful construction of their pyramids. Even today, the art of stonework is prevalent across many industries, but none are as important as the monumental mason.

Unfortunately, everyone will die at some point. Some people were only meant to be on earth for a short time, whilst others were given the gift of life for many more. One thing that we all have in common, however, is that when we do pass away our families will place a memorial at our gravesites to commemorate and remember our lives. This monument can be made out of bronze or stone.

A monumental mason is tasked with the responsibility of carefully carving these memorials out of stone, often times in shapes that represent something important to the person who has passed. The mason will sit with the family to create a design that they believe will best honour the memory of their loved one, as well as the most appropriate stone and colour for the memorial.

As well as being able to carve perfect shapes out of stone, these masons are also adept at being able to carve writing and images directly into the memorial. This enables families to leave a message for their loved ones that will stand the test of time and the effects of extreme weathering. On top of this, the mason will also be able to renovate older graves that have been damaged by age or vandals.

If you would like to become a monumental mason, you have a number of years worth of apprenticeships and lessons ahead of you, which are all designed to prepare you for the years ahead. Whilst you may quickly pick up the skills necessary to carve memorials out of an otherwise unremarkable piece of rock, it will take a number of years for you to become as skilled as the masons of old.