Why A Monumental Mason Holds Cultural Significance

By February 11, 2013Addison Blog

Many cultures choose to honour those who have passed away by marking their final resting place with a gravestone of some kind. Because of our desire to remember the dead for many years after their passing, the job of a monumental mason has developed a certain amount of cultural significance that it is unlikely will dissipate in the near future.

The memorial that families choose to place over the graves of their loved ones will often be engraved with information about the person who has passed. The most basic of these headstones will include the person’s full name and date of death. Others will include the person’s date of birth, their place of birth and their relationships with other people (often parents, spouses and children).

As the gravestone will be organised after the person has passed away and while other funeral arrangements are being made, the monumental mason therefore has a very important job. Not only are they responsible for crafting a memorial that reflects the life of a loved one, they are also there to offer support to the family during what is often a very difficult time.

Without the assistance of a monumental mason, the final resting places of our loved ones would remain unmarked and overgrown. The gravestones crafted by these highly experienced masons function as a reminder of where our loved ones lie and who they were in life. This cultural significance will never fail, so long as we want to remember those who came before us.