Why You Should Choose AC Addison & Sons For Gravestones, Memorial Stones & Headstones In Western Port

The Western Port area is home to many beautiful cemeteries that could be the perfect place to lay your loved one to rest. If you are looking for a gravestone, memorial stone or grave headstone that is a fitting tribute to the memory of your loved one, AC Addison & Sons are more than happy to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. We have also worked extensively with cemeteries in this area and have an understanding of their guidelines.

We offer full and double memorial stones that have been designed to encompass the entire burial plot or two that are next to each other. These are common features in many of the older cemeteries in the area, but are slowly becoming more popular again. These sorts of memorials offer the very best in protection from the elements and provide you with maximum surfaces to inscribe a lasting message for your loved one.

We also offer grave headstones and bronze plaques that can be used separately or in conjunction, depending on your design. The headstones are fitted with a matching stone base that includes a vase or two; these are available in a range of sizes, but it is recommended that you speak with your Western Port cemetery to get an idea of their requirements. Our bronze plaques can have photographs and other images added for a final personal touch.

We understand that cemeteries in this area are often battered by the elements, especially if they are located close to the beach. Gravestones in these cemeteries are often subjected to severe damage, from the inscriptions fading to the stone crumbling. We are able to offer a restoration service to our clients that aims to return the gravestone to its former glory. All work is undertaken onsite to ensure minimum disruption to the burial plot.

AC Addison & Sons is more than happy to provide clients from the Western Port area with the gravestones, memorial stones and grave headstones that they need to truly commemorate the life of their loved ones. Because we have worked with many cemeteries in this area in the past, we have a fairly good understanding of the guidelines that we will need to follow. For more information or to place an order please contact us today.