You Need Addison Memorials For Gravestones, Tombstones And Headstones In The Frankston Area

Do you live in the Frankston area and has one of your loved ones recently passed away? Whilst we understand that this is an extremely trying and emotional time for your family, it is important that you start thinking about funeral and burial arrangements. Addison Memorials is more than happy to assist you with the creation of a custom gravestone, tombstone or headstone that reflects the life and personality of your loved one.

Whilst we offer a range of gravestones to our Frankston clients, one of our most popular designs would have to be our full or double ones. These memorials are designed to fully encompass the entire burial plot (or two that are next to each other in the case of a double one) and protect it from the elements. We are able to craft these gravestones out of a range of Australian and imported granites or marbles, depending on what you would like.

Our headstones are also a popular choice for cemeteries in the Frankston area, as they are a much smaller option and tend to be less grandiose. These memorials are available in a number of different sizes, from small to large, ensuring that you are able to fit all of the information that you would like on the surface. We can also include a bronze plaque with our headstones if you would prefer your inscription to be done in this way.

We are also proud to offer tombstone restoration services to cemeteries in the Frankston area, as we understand that these locations can sometimes be subject to weathering and vandalism. When undertaking any restoration work, including letter re-guilding, we make sure that it is completed onsite to avoid disturbing the plot. We are also able to add inscriptions to tombstones if the lettering has been damaged beyond recognition.

When choosing a gravestone, tombstone or headstone for a Frankston cemetery, you should contact Addison Memorials and enquire about their services. We have worked with a number of cemeteries in this area over the years, meaning that we should be aware of any guidelines or restrictions that you will have to follow. On top of this, we also offer a restoration service for memorials that are looking a little worse for wear.