Your Guide To Monumental Masons

By December 7, 2012Addison Blog

When a loved one has passed away, one of the arrangements that you will have to make is the purchase of a memorial that pays reverence to the life that they led. To ensure that the memorial you ultimately purchase is of the best quality and is long lasting (even in the weather), you should contact a reputable monumental mason to put it together for you.

There are a number of different types of memorials available (including full, double, headstones and even plaques); by contacting a reputable mason, you will be able to receive advice regarding which type will best suit your needs and the desires of your loved one. They will also be able to work with a variety of stones (including marble and granite) to create a stunning monument.

Once the monumental mason has crafted the memorial, they will be able to engrave the stone with the inscription you have decided upon. As masons are experienced with these sorts of engravings, you can rest assured that the writing will be clear and correct. The inscription will be long lasting and remain unaffected by weathering well into the future.

If you have loved ones who passed away many years ago monumental masons are also able to assist with the restoration of their memorials should they have been affected by weathering or even vandalism. Whether this is a reapplication of the inscription, a cleaning up of the memorial or even a complete replacement of the monument, your loved ones are in good hands.